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                              • 名稱: 環境保護系統
                              • 編號: f01
                              • 時間: 2016-08-17
                              • 瀏覽次數: 181

                              Energy conservation and environmental protection has become a global concern which should be solved urgently. Chengdu shuhong has developed the environmental protection system on the bases of technical innovation and equipment improvement while designing and manufacturing in various copper/aluminum melting furnaces, refining furnaces and holding furnaces. It is used for removing mass dust and harmful gas discharged from the flue, especially the SO2 and CO2 in the melting process; greatly upgrade the enterprise economic benefit and social effect, and effectively achieve the environmental protection function.

                              The main features: 
                              1. High efficiency for removing the dust and desulfurization
                              2. Flue gas throughput ≥ 25000 m3 / h
                              3. Simple structure and operation 
                              4. 100% of circulating water utilization, no waste water and secondary pollution 


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